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President of Large Banking Association

Dear TJ NEES Team

As we near the end of the first year of our partnership with your office in
offering Voluntary Supplemental benefits to our member banks, I would like to express
my appreciation for all your help. My sense is that the accounts, which you took over
from our previous carrier, were very pleased with your enrollment process and are very
satisfied with your on-going servicing. New accounts also report that they are happy
with their relationship with your office and Colonial Life.

From our perspective as the sponsor of the Voluntary Supplemental Benefits
Program, we believe that your educational efforts have established a good foundation for
growing the program. The Webinars and individual bank presentations have been
effective. We are anticipating growing interest and enrollment in this program in the
coming year.

Please feel free to share my comments with current and prospective customers.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

President of Large Banking Association

Large Town With 1500+ Employees

To NEES Team:

I am writing this letter to give my recommendation for Colonial Life. The partnership between the (Large town with 1500+ employees) and Colonial Life has allowed us to offer superior voluntary products to our employees at a significant discount. Operating benefits during these times can be difficult with all of the fiscal restraints facing companies and municipalities, but Colonial has helped us maximize benefits with minimal costs to the Town.

Our partnership with Colonial began in October of 2011. We were unsatisfied with the services and rates of our old insurance providers. Their rates were increasing while the benefits offered to our employees were decreasing. As a result we had our insurance broker obtain rates and reviews for all other carriers in the area. Colonial came with the best rates as well as the best reviews, and I can confidently say that they have lived up to our high expectations.

By switching to Colonial we have seen dramatic improvements to our voluntary benefits in a short amount of time. Their rates are significantly lower and they have a much better rapport with our employees than any of our previous carriers did. Colonial offers numerous products at discounted rates, which expands the amount of benefits one can offer to their employees.

Colonial is very proactive and has responded to any and all of our needs. The NEES Team has been our main contact with the company and he has been fantastic. He met with us numerous times, revised their contract to reflect our terms, and has been very flexible in meeting the needs of our employees.

Whenever I have reached out to the NEES Team for anything they have been quick to respond and has seen to it that my requests were met.
I would be remiss if I failed to mention one of the best features Colonial helped communicate and enroll, which is the College Tuition Benefit program. This is a program offered to employees that is absolutely free of charge and allows them to save up money (with a 5% match) for their child’s college tuition to a private college. This is a wonderful benefit to offer to employees because it is completely free and essentially acts as a bonus benefit they receive just by working for you. The program was communicated and enrolled by the Colonial Representatives. We have had 92% participation in the program and I highly recommend it.

Colonial is a great company that I envision being a part of (Large company with 1500+ employees) benefits program for a long time to come. I recommend working with them as they will improve on the benefits that you currently offer.

(Large Town With 1500+ Employees)

Employee Benefit Broker

To NEES Team:

This letter is to recommend the services of Colonial Voluntary Benefits. In 2010, I began working with The NEES Team at Colonial Voluntary Benefits to discuss a possible enrollment for (My Largest Client).

From the presentation during the request for proposal process to the implementation of the products to my client, the expectations that were set were not only met, but exceeded.

Over 150 locations were visited by a representative for Colonial Voluntary Benefits in 30 days. Meetings were scheduled and at any time I could call up my Colonial representatives and find out which location was being enrolled.

I worked closely with these representatives as well to design a benefit booklet for this group that not only highlighted the insurance products being offered by Colonial, but the other products that my office offers as well.

Beyond being a voluntary benefits carrier, the NEES team and the home office proved to be advocates of my client and my agency. Professional, prompt, detailed and knowledgeable are, just a few of the words I would use to describe my relationship and my experience with the reps and Colonial as a whole.

To sum it all up, all I can say is that from my personal relationship with all of the named above, I certainly recommend Colonial for your voluntary needs.

Employee Benefits Broker

President of State Police Association

To The NEES Team:

This letter is to recommend the services of Colonial Voluntary Benefits. In 2010 we significantly enhanced our benefits offerings to our members by offering several insurance products.

We also worked closely with the representatives to design a Benefits Book which was distributed to all of our members. This book not only highlighted the insurance products available through Colonial Voluntary Benefits, but also summarized all of our existing benefit offerings.

The NEES team have served the members professionally and knowledgeably. They have been able to assist and guide our members about the products as well as helping them understand what plan was the best value for their personal financial situation.

Based on my personal relationship with all of the named above, I recommend Colonial for your voluntary needs.

President of a State Police Association


Rhode Island Office:
650 Eddie Dowling Highway
North Smithfield, RI 02896

Connecticut Office:
945 Main St., Suite 206
Manchester CT 06040

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