New England Enrollment Strategies

One of the region's largest enrollment firms

At NEES we….

Specialize in providing voluntary benefits, benefit communication, and enrollment support. We create a voluntary benefits program with the best products for you while providing the highest level of service. As one of the largest broker general agencies in the country, we service over 1,500 voluntary clients ranging in size from 3 employees to over 75,000 employees. We have a unique focus in the mid-large case market to include 2 state governments, over 100 cities and towns, as well as some of the largest and most well-known employers in the region. We proudly have over 150,000 policies under management.

Voluntary Benefits

Help employers control benefit expenses by providing voluntary benefits to help employees pay for what their core benefits do not cover.

Communication and Enrollment Services

Provide customized and comprehensive benefits communication and enrollment services, with the ultimate goal of helping our customers with recruitment, education, and employee satisfaction.

Ongoing Support

Provide enrollment and administrative support that can take the burden off of an employer.

The core of our efforts lie in our fundamental philosophies that:

Financial Hardship

Most working Americans are just one accident or illness away from severe financial hardship.


Employers deserve to have employees that fully understand and appreciate the benefits they make available to them.

Loyal Workforce

By satisfying these needs, we firmly believe that we enable businesses to build a more loyal and satisfied workforce, and, ultimately, a stronger business.